My name is Simon, I'm a hobby photographer who created Vic Pics in August of 2014.  I had the idea when I first saw the new internet domain extensions, such as dot-pics (instead of the usual dot-com, dot-net, etc), and thought the vic.pics  domain would be a great way to showcase my home state of Victoria (Australia), and give me another excuse to take more photographs.

This site gallery.vic.pics  is hosted on SmugMug, and this is where all photos for the site will be uploaded.  All other vic.pics  pages and blogs are published with WordPress.org (hosted by Crazy Domains), with photos embedded from SmugMug. 

If you have any questions or comments relating to Vic Pics, you can send an email to mail@vic.pics , or go to the Contact page.

All photographs in the Gallery are available for sale printed or via digital download, any watermarks will be removed before printing or download.

If you're thinking about purchasing from the Gallery, the SmugMug video below can guide you through the process.


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